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Online Sports Betting business is booming, and GiroPay Sportsbooks are booming right along with it.  Offering convenient, easy to use, and highly secure online deposit methods is the way to a true online sports betting enthusiast's heart, and Online SportsBooks Accepting GiroPay have done just that.  As with the GiroPay Casinos, the only requirement to utilize GiroPay as your online deposit method of choice in online sports betting is that you hold a valid German bank account.  While this does limit their market presence, we are in hopes that their unprecedented success will motivate them to expand to other markets and establish a global presence in the online sports betting industry.

Their innovative two tier security technology is one of the best around, protecting their customers from theft on several levels.  Online SportsBooks That Accept GiroPay can ensure their customer's transaction are handled securely due to GiroPay's strategy of combining PIN security with TAN security (transaction number).  The TAN can be over 75 digits long and is virtually impossible to artificially replicate, hence the chances of an unauthorized person using your account is strongly protected.  Combine that with the requirement for your unique PIN number to be entered in conjunction with the TAN, and you've got yourself one Fort Knox style online deposit method.  GiroPay SportsBooks will have some of the most secure transactions of any Online Sports Betting Sites in the business.

Is Giropay Available To USA Players? No

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